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Car Haulers

Standard Cargo



Enclosed Cargo

This series offers all the features of our quality 1000 product line, plus a few extra. Coming standard with a side access door, plywood interior walls and recessed rubber-mounted lighting, the 2000 Series separates itself from the pack.


4' x 6' Enclosed Cargo Hauler


The 5x10 is a great option for those customers looking to transport a variety of cargo. With its v-nose design and all aluminum construction, the 5x10 outperforms its compact steel competitors, hands down.


If you're looking for a compact trailer with room to haul a variety of smaller cargo, the 5x8 is the model for you. With over 230 cubic feet of cargo space, the 5x8 is the perfect trailer for those customers with smaller tow vehicles.


With its aerodynamic styling and large payload capacity, the 6.5x10 is built to haul. Combining features such as torsion ride axles and 3/8” plywood interior walls, you can trust that your cargo will be protected during transport.


If the 6.5x10 just isn’t quite large enough to carry all your cargo, then perhaps the 6.5x12 will better suit your needs. Added length brings greater cargo volume…and increased versatility. Combining a rock-solid trailer design with the added benefits of the 2000 Series, this unit is built to haul.


Coming standard with tandem axles and electric brakes, the 6.5x14 offers an increased payload capacity and extra safety for those looking to carry larger loads.


Coming standard with tandem axles and electric brakes, the 6.5x16 offers an increased payload capacity and extra safety for those looking to carry larger loads. With a lengthy list of available options, you can customize this trailer to your exact specifications.


Our 8.5x12 models offer customers an alternative to the larger, braked trailers for those who need the extra width…without the extra weight.


With 800 cubic feet of cargo space and a payload capacity over 2 tons, the 8.5x14 is a real workhorse.


A healthy list of standard features and plenty of available options makes the 8.5x16 a trailer loaded with value. To top it off, all aluminum construction delivers increased performance and lower maintenance versus the steel competition.


Whether you’re looking to transport construction materials, bikes, ATVs, furniture, or even landscaping equipment, the 8.5x18 has room enough to do it all; hassle-free.


As the largest standard model in the Cargopro 2000 Series fleet, the 8.5x20 is ready for anything you can throw at it. Lightweight and aerodynamic for its size, the 8.5x20 outperforms smaller steel units with ease.

ALCOM LLC, reserves the right to change specifications and construction methods without obligation of notice. In addition, photography and or illustrations may display optional items available at additional cost to the trailer base price. Please contact an authorized SnoPro/CargoPro Trailers dealer for additional information.




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